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How to make jewelry packaging design attract attention quickly

For jewelry packaging, it not only has the function of protecting commodities and transmitting commodity image, but also undertakes the function of improving the grade and added value of jewelry. In order to quickly attract the attention of ...

How to make cosmetic packaging design better

Packaging design plays a decisive role in any product, especially in cosmetics packaging design, because consumers are women and have high requirements for packaging. Let's take a look at the packaging design skills of the cosmetics industry...

Six principles of jewelry packaging design

The six principles of jewelry packaging design are: practical principle, commercial principle, convenience principle, artistic principle, environmental protection principle and connotation principle, among which the common ones are practical...

How to choose a gift packaging design company

Since ancient times, gifts have always been used in the communication between people. Relatively speaking, giving gifts can make you feel more dignified and convenient. Now many companies will consider making gift packaging when giving gifts...

What are the common features of luxury packaging design

Luxury goods are not only goods that provide use value, but also goods that provide high added value; For luxury goods, its intangible value is often higher than its visible value. If you want to position your product as a luxury, packaging ...
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