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The key points of designing jewelry packaging

It is a good thing and also a very important thing for merchants to do jewelry packaging design, because with packaging design, not only the quality of jewelry will be improved, but also the brand awareness will be increased. However, some b...

How to customize canvas bags?

Canvas bag is a storage bag mainly made of burlap. Canvas bag is versatile and can better integrate various design elements to create a variety of styles. The custom canvas bag has a classic body shape, which can meet various fashion hobbies...

What are the functions of jewelry packaging

As a kind of high-end consumer goods, jewelry is often presented or collected, so the role of jewelry packaging is more important. The basic requirement for jewelry packaging is to highlight the nobility, elegance and artistry of commodities...

What are the production processes of non-woven handbags?

Canvas bags generally use screen printing technology, which is often referred to as "screen printing", which has always been a commonly used printing technology by many canvas bag manufacturers. Generally, it is printed manually, so the colo...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eco-friendly handbags

Since the plastic restriction order, environmental protection handbags have gradually entered the market and entered people's eyes. This is the result of the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the national atte...
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