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What are the advantages of canvas bags?

With the development of the economy, more and more people begin to use canvas bags. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the specific advantages of canvas bags to you....

What problems should be paid attention to in handbag design ?

Generally, we have seen many exquisite handbags in the market. The types of handbags are also uneven, miscellaneous, and diverse. Their functions, appearance, and content are also different. As for the problems that should be paid attention ...

Diversified understanding of packaging design and the idea of realizing the principle of integrity

As a very important graphic design project, packaging design must have certain characteristics. Packaging design is diversified and adheres to the principle of integrity. Here we will introduce the diversification of packaging design, and br...

Brand effect of cosmetic packaging design

Brand effect refers to the phenomenon caused by the intangible asset of well-known brand or strong brand, which can bring new economic utility to its owners or operators. In daily life, some consumers "don't buy non famous brands". The reaso...

Humanized characteristics of cosmetic packaging design

The so-called "humanization" is the concept of people-oriented, which is the expression of the designer's emotion, life and personality into the design work, and endows human factors to the form and function of the design object. Pay attenti...
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