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Brief analysis on Printing Technology of non-woven handbag

Non woven handbags generally use screen printing technology, which is often referred to as "silk screen printing", which has always been a common printing technology used by many non-woven bag manufacturers. Generally manual printing, so the...

Analyze what design contents are included in packaging design

The simple point of packaging design is appearance design, which is not a simple and easy thing. It is like the soul of an enterprise. The good and bad of a product are closely related to the packaging design theory of appearance. Now let's ...

On the design of jewelry packaging

The appearance of jewelry packaging is not only the concept of a brand and its impact on consumers, but also a means to realize commodity value and use value. The materials and appearance of jewelry packaging are complementary and interdepen...

A brief analysis of the concept of packaging design

Today's era is an era of appearance competition. The good or bad packaging of a product has a very important impact on the sales of the product. A good packaging design can make the product in a good position in the industry and play a great...

On the purpose of brand customized cosmetic packaging

In today's market, product packaging is essential. Different brands and different products have different types, styles, sizes and styles of packaging boxes, but their uses are very similar. The function of any brand and cosmetic packaging i...
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