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Functional concept of jewelry packaging design

Jewelry packaging design can directly reflect product value, brand concept and brand characteristics. It is an effective way for consumers to obtain these important information. Its appearance, appearance, design, performance and sense of us...

Common design styles of gift packaging bags

When we buy goods, we will find that the packaging styles of the goods are very diverse. Careful people will find that the more high-grade or big brand packaging is actually the simpler, but the simplicity reveals high-grade and high taste. ...

Brief analysis on the matters needing attention in the production of canvas bag

Canvas bag manufacturers also mainly produce canvas bags. In the production and manufacturing, we also need to do a good job in some small details, so that the formed canvas bags can be more useful and we can be more comfortable in use. Next...

Serialization characteristics of beauty package design

Products have certain differences with, among which beauty makeup is the most obvious. Beauty products have different grades in addition to the nature of the products themselves. In order to distinguish the grade of products, people often us...

How to make stationery packaging design more personalized

Stationery products are mainly aimed at students, who pursue personality and creativity the most. Therefore, many personalized stationery will be swept away at the first time, while ordinary stationery may have little interest in three to fi...
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