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Benefits of handbag design to enterprises

As we all know, handbag is a tool we often use. As a common tool, many hotel and catering companies will use handbag, which not only promotes the design and printing of handbag, but also facilitates customers. ...

Jewelry packaging design characteristics for different groups

Jewelry is a commodity loved by many consumers. It can not only decorate people's appearance, but also symbolize power and status. So how can businessmen design jewelry packaging to set off the brilliance and luxury of jewelry? Next, Suzhou ...

On why to highlight the uniqueness of electronic product packaging

With the growing brand of electronic products, the same type of electronic products are emerging one after another. With the increasingly serious homogenization of commodities, products without innovation will be gradually eliminated by the ...

Brief analysis on the characteristics and application of several different mater

The biggest feature of the bundle pocket is its sealing method. With a gentle pull of the drawcord on both sides or one side, the pocket opening will be sealed. Therefore, a bundle pocket is also called a drawstring bag or a drawstring bag. ...

Brief analysis of the effect of packaging design on products

A good product packaging can improve the brand image. It can even be said that the brand image is not only related to its own product quality, but also related to its product packaging design. A bad packaging design may even destroy a produc...
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