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What are the differences between environmental protection packaging design and traditional packaging design

With the improvement of people's economic conditions, people have higher and higher requirements for multiple products. However, China now advocates green development, and people have also realized the importance of ecological development ba...

What is the difference between a cotton handbag and a canvas handbag?

Among the popular eco-friendly handbags in the market, there are two commonly used materials, namely cotton handbags and canvas handbags. Well, some friends may not be able to distinguish between the two kinds of handbags, or they may not kn...

What is the function of gift packaging customization

The meaning of gift packaging customization is consumers' visual experience of products, the direct and main transmitter of product personality, and the direct expression of corporate image positioning. Good packaging design is one of the im...

What factors should be considered in the packaging design of electronic products

If it is a good digital product packaging design, it can accurately transmit product information to consumers. People can see the quality of digital products and even the image of the enterprise through the packaging of products. It can be s...

What are the characteristics of common stationery packaging

The function of product packaging is to protect commodities, facilitate transportation, realize commodity value and use value, and increase commodity value. Stationery packaging can beautify commodities, attract customers and promote sales. ...
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