Company latest dynamics

Which promotional packages can be selected for promotional activities

At the end of the year, many businesses will do some promotional activities or publicity activities in order to boost their performance and gather popularity. This requires small gifts to attract people's attention and promote people's desir...

Problems needing attention in customizing canvas bags

Canvas bags are also called cotton bags. Due to their own characteristics, canvas bags have been used by many companies and brands as the media for product promotion. The company's brand logo, promotional sentences, product introductions, et...

Characteristics and application of bundle pocket

The biggest feature of the bundle pocket is its use method. The bag will be sealed with a gentle pull of the elastic rope on both sides or one side. Therefore, the bundle pocket is also called elastic rope bag; The advantages and uses of dif...

Brief analysis on the design of jewelry shopping bag for Festival Promotion

In some festivals with special significance, some jewelry merchants who are more attentive will carry out sales promotion, and customize jewelry shopping bags specifically for this festival or celebration activities. Changes in seasonal and ...

Brief analysis on Printing value of cosmetic packaging

Packaging and printing products are all kinds of packaging materials. Here, I mainly analyze the value of cosmetic packaging. Packaging and printing is a kind of printing aimed at meeting the packaging requirements of cosmetics with differen...
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