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Six principles of jewelry packaging design
The six principles of jewelry packaging design are: practical principle, commercial principle, convenience principle, artistic principle, environmental protection principle and connotation principle, among which the common ones are practical, convenient, artistic and environmental protection.
1、 Practical principle
The principle of practicality is to focus on consumers and create the best effect of products at a lower cost. Different jewelry may need different packaging design materials. When designing jewelry packaging, we should first consider the carrying and use of jewelry. How to make carrying more convenient, commodity protection more appropriate and modeling more comfortable is the original intention of the designer.
2、 Principle of convenience
The principle of convenience can not only improve efficiency, but also facilitate the use of consumers and save consumers' time. It is mainly reflected in the packaging shape of jewelry. For example, when handling, holding, or carrying jewelry, it will produce a certain sense of comfort and lightness.
3、 Artistic principle
The principle of artistry is the combination of technical beauty and formal beauty, which has strong artistic appeal. The artistic principle of jewelry packaging design is reflected in the shape, color, text and other parts of the packaging. The unique packaging shape and gorgeous packaging color are all to improve the purchase desire of consumers.
4、 Environmental protection principle
The principle of environmental protection is to promote the packaging of sustainable development, which is not only harmless to human body, but also will not pollute the environment. The current jewelry packaging design advocates green and renewable materials and the use of recyclable natural materials.
5、 Commercial principle
The commercial principle is for the purpose of profit, pursuing strange shapes, shocking advertising words and prominent color matching in jewelry packaging design, so as to attract consumers to buy. Because the packaging is attached to the jewelry, the jewelry itself cannot be well displayed directly. Therefore, the characteristics, functions and quality of the product can be realized through the jewelry packaging design. How to quickly and directly arouse consumers' desire to buy is a link in the optimization of jewelry packaging design.
6、 Connotative principle
The connotation principle is to enhance consumers' cognition and understanding of goods and have a more far-reaching understanding of brand positioning, development and future. Excavating the regional culture, commodity characteristics and brand culture of commodities and carrying out reasonable packaging design can enhance consumers' sense of trust in commodities and establish good brand cognition.
A good jewelry packaging design needs to be compatible with these six points, among which practicality, convenience, artistry and environmental protection are the top priority. How to choose between them is a very test for a designer. Jewelry display is actually a visual marketing technique, which is based on different display spaces, using various props, works of art and accessories, and fully expressing the functionality, characteristics, style or sales activity theme of products through various display skills.

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