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How to achieve the marketing effect of cosmetic packaging design

In real life, most women will use some cosmetics series, such as foundation make-up, isolation cream, eye shadow and other products. However, in the process of purchasing, can you find the style of packaging design of each product, and can y...

What is the effect of customized design of handbag on brand promotion?

As long as we go out, we can often see a variety of handbags in the street or in the shopping mall. We often see the brand information on the handbag when we are casual. This is one of the functions of the handbag. This article will give you...

What are the specific requirements for environmental protection packaging design

In recent years, green and environmentally friendly packaging design has become popular in the industry. The green and environmentally friendly packaging not only responds to the national call, but also is simple, authentic, easy to understa...

What are the characteristics of different material bundle pockets

In our daily life, we often use bundle bags, especially when we go out to play or store things. In short, it is widely used. But do you know that there are other names for bundle bags, such as Drawstring Bags or Drawstring Bags, and the type...

What are the advantages of the development of flannel bags

There are many kinds of packaging bags in daily life. There are packaging bags, canvas bags, linen bags, velvet bags, and bundle bags. The velvet bags I want to talk about are generally used to hold small items such as neckchains and bracele...
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