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How should jewelry packaging be designed

Nowadays, jewelry packaging mainly takes the packaging shape and color of products as the main sales means. Jewelry packaging is the external image of jewelry and the first impression left to customers. Therefore, how to design a good jewelr...

How to do a good job in environmental protection packaging design

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the awareness of environmental protection has been paid more and more attention by consumers. In terms of product packaging design, environmental protection should indeed be achie...

What are the functions of bundle pocket packaging

Bundle pockets have been transformed into packaging for more and more products. Bundle pocket can play a variety of functions, whether it is a jewelry or watch, so what functions does it have?...

What should be considered in the design of stationery packaging

Packaging design is one of the very important elements in product sales release. But there are many things to consider when designing stationery packaging. For example, it must protect the stationery inside from damage. It must facilitate th...

Improving brand image can start with jewelry packaging design

No matter what kind of jewelry brand, before jewelry is introduced to the market, it must first carry out packaging design to inject culture and emotion into it. ...
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