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What are the characteristics of common stationery packaging
The function of product packaging is to protect commodities, facilitate transportation, realize commodity value and use value, and increase commodity value. Stationery packaging can beautify commodities, attract customers and promote sales. In other words, stationery packaging is also a "coat" of stationery products. Stationery packaging manufacturers use this "dress" to catch people's attention and promote consumers' desire to buy, so as to realize customers' consumption behavior.
In the stationery store, it is not difficult to find that the students' stationery is interesting and colorful, which is in line with the current popular culture. The office stationery is generally developed on the basis of beautiful products, plus the direction of marketing strategy and marketing strategy to carry out organized and purposeful development and design, which is relatively simple and practical. In the face of different stationery markets, the "dress" of stationery packaging is also changeable. Now, Suzhou QUNTAI Packaging Co., Ltd. will share the common features of student stationery packaging:
1、 Color
In the face of a wide range of stationery in the stationery store, the first thing that attracts consumers' attention is the packaging of stationery colors. Especially in the packaging design of students' stationery, we should pay more attention to the collocation of colors, which should be relatively lively and bright, in line with students' psychological preferences; The packaging of office stationery is relatively simple and hierarchical, reflecting the concise elements of the office, and the colors that are too colorful are chaotic. Good color matching enables consumers to quickly pay attention to the product itself, which is one of the important factors to seize consumers' attention in stationery packaging.
2、 Subject
The theme is generally reflected by the concise name or the overall picture. The existence of the theme can make people have an imagination space for the overall design. This theme is equivalent to the "spokesperson" of stationery products. The "spokesperson" of student stationery packaging mostly comes from some popular cartoon images, such as happy and angry birds. Of course, the "spokesmen" of student stationery are not all popular cartoon images. Some Japanese and Korean cartoons that have been updated for a long time are also very popular because they are vivid and lovely, which is also the reason why most Japanese and Korean stationery are widely favored. Unlike the "cartoon endorsement" of students' stationery, the packaging of office stationery mainly reflects the transmission of a sense of technology and information. It is difficult for you to say that the design inspiration of office stationery comes from that image, but the overall smoothness, simplicity and sense of hierarchy are the main tone of office stationery.
3、 Text description
The text description refers to the text description of the whole stationery package, including product category, model, color, specification, quantity, nature, as well as some usage methods and precautions. The text description is one of the key points to guide customers to realize their consumption behavior in the stationery sales process. Most students' stationery packaging is combined with some cartoon accessories for creative collocation. At the same time, the primary and secondary are clear, which shows whether it is vivid and powerful. In contrast, office stationery is more solemn and concise in the expression of product packaging.
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