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What factors should be considered in the packaging design of electronic products
If it is a good digital product packaging design, it can accurately transmit product information to consumers. People can see the quality of digital products and even the image of the enterprise through the packaging of products. It can be seen that the packaging of digital products is very critical. What factors should be considered in the packaging design of electronic products?
1、 Facilitate customers' rapid consumption
As a kind of packaging design, on the one hand, it is to consider the goods, on the other hand, it is to consider that consumers should be convenient to carry, so that consumers can feel friendly and feel comprehensive service, so as to maintain their loyalty to the goods. Convenient packaging can reduce the damage of goods, reduce the cost of products and facilitate the use of consumers. It is also an important link to improve product quality and promote sales.
2、 Explanation of brand and product information
Packaging itself is a visual symbol, which conveys the overall impression of consumer goods and information about goods. Packaging can become a symbol of corporate image and a part of corporate marketing planning. Digital product packaging design needs to have complete visual symbols: appearance, color, texture and other elements. Through the arrangement of these elements, we can clearly convey the product information to consumers: "what am I? Who am I? Who do I serve?" At the same time, we can also tell consumers what to pay attention to when using.
3、 Protect commodity quality and transportation
This is a more basic and primitive function, that is, it can effectively protect goods, facilitate the filling, transportation and storage of goods, and protect the integrity of products to a greater extent in all links. Therefore, one of the factors that should be considered in packaging design is to protect the product, product attributes and external environment, and adopt reasonable protection technology to prevent the product from being damaged or deteriorated by external physical or chemical factors.
4、 Can improve the actual sales and profits of products
Use various elements that can arouse consumers' interest to create a good consumption atmosphere, so as to attract consumers to buy our products. In today's homogeneous products, digital product packaging design plays an important role in marketing. Exquisite, innovative and reasonable packaging, through the combination of pleasant graphics and text symbols, appropriate color matching, elegant and comfortable materials, can meet the physiological and psychological needs of consumers, which can well induce consumer behavior.
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