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What are the differences between environmental protection packaging design and traditional packaging design
With the improvement of people's economic conditions, people have higher and higher requirements for multiple products. However, China now advocates green development, and people have also realized the importance of ecological development balance to health. Therefore, people are increasingly accepting and advocating green development. Product packaging is developing towards environmental protection, and people are willing to pay for it. What are the advantages of environmental protection packaging design over traditional packaging design?
1.Different materials
If the packaging adopts the concept of environmental protection, first of all, it needs to consider the material. The material should adapt to the development of the environment, not affect the environment, and ensure the balanced development of the environment. The use of environmentally friendly materials requires preparation for high investment costs, because the cost of such materials is higher than that of ordinary packaging materials.
2. Different design concepts
To be exact, the environmental protection packaging design has not been recognized by all enterprises. It may be because of different design concepts. Small and medium-sized enterprises may not consider the environmental protection of packaging in order to save costs. It may also be because enterprises do not pay special attention to the environmental protection concept, so there are no requirements in packaging design. Large enterprises will pay attention to the innovative concept of packaging environmental protection for the long-term plan, They don't care about the cost of packaging. The purpose is to establish a good corporate brand image. With environmental protection as the starting point, it will be easier to attract consumers.
3. Different development prospects
People are increasingly pursuing new things. We see that some big brand packaging in the market has adopted the packaging concept of environmental protection, and people are willing to pay for it. That means people are willing to accept this design concept and pay for it. Therefore, the concept of environmental protection packaging design must be very popular, and it is also a manifestation of the progress of modern society.
Moreover, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the state's attention to environmental protection, environmental protection products are easier to be recognized by the market and consumers, and later development is easier. However, ordinary packaging design, especially the paper packaging design, which needs a lot of resources, will be gradually eliminated.
4. Different development situations
The development of ordinary packaging design shows a gradually shrinking form, while the development of environmental protection packaging design shows a gradually rising form, which is related to the strengthening of environmental protection and the conservation of resources in China.
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