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Brand effect of cosmetic packaging design
Brand effect refers to the phenomenon caused by the intangible asset of well-known brand or strong brand, which can bring new economic utility to its owners or operators. In daily life, some consumers "don't buy non famous brands". The reason is that brand products are the symbol of high quality and high reputation, condense the spiritual style and characteristics of enterprises, and can bring use value and credibility to consumers. When women buy cosmetics, they mainly rely on brand effect to trigger buying behavior. If a brand is well-known, even if consumers have not used it, they will buy it because of its brand value.
Brand can become a belief. Well-known brands bring safety commitments to buyers and help consumers identify and choose goods. To achieve good brand effect, an enterprise needs to reflect the unique connotation of the brand, not only establish a distinctive image temperament, but also improve product quality, and give consumers intuitive information in publicity and visual communication.
Brand culture connotation is the root of enterprise vitality. Packaging is the comprehensive embodiment of brand culture and product characteristics, which is directly related to consumers' cognition of products and plays a vital role in sales promotion. Packaging is designed for product image, and packaging design is the most intuitive embodiment of enterprise brand image. For enterprises, the successful introduction of clear brand information is also for the purpose of establishing corporate image and improving the added value and competitiveness of products.
When consumers buy, they first identify with the brand products and generate trust and high-quality emotions, and then enjoy a symbolic aesthetic experience other than product consumption. This is the charm of brand effect. Women are the main body of cosmetics brand image. Brand culture and packaging design are also important dimensions that female consumers pay attention to. Their consumption behavior has become an activity for buyers to obtain the symbolic meaning of brand image. Therefore, the brand effect of products and the concept of corporate culture should be reflected in the cosmetics packaging design in order to win the hearts of female consumers.
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