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Humanized characteristics of cosmetic packaging design
The so-called "humanization" is the concept of people-oriented, which is the expression of the designer's emotion, life and personality into the design work, and endows human factors to the form and function of the design object. Pay attention to consumers' consumption emotional tendency, express and carry Abstract emotional sustenance with tangible material external forms, take this as the creative motivation of product design, and make the works meet the dual needs of consumers in spirit and emotion. "Humanization" emphasizes the respect and humanistic care for human nature in design, and human needs constantly promote the development of design and provide impetus for design creation. There is no doubt about the role of packaging design in meeting people's spiritual needs and mediating emotions. The humanized characteristics of packaging design depend on the internal requirements of human needs for packaging design.
The humanized characteristics of cosmetic packaging design are mainly reflected in the form and function of the design. It is necessary to explore changes in the appearance materials and color decoration of the packaging, so as to stimulate people's psychological resonance and strong emotional experience in the modeling design, so as to achieve the effect of "moving with emotion". It can also give excellent thoughts of humanistic care such as equal care in functional attributes, develop and mine design objects through functional elements, and create products that are convenient for people, so that people can experience warm and cordial real emotions, that is, the "moving with righteousness" expressed in the works. In addition, proper naming can also reflect the humanized characteristics of design objects, and skillfully combine language and design objects to produce new consumer cognition and brand style, so as to achieve the design goal of "well-known objects". Therefore, in the process of expressing the humanized characteristics of cosmetic packaging design, only by combining the use function of the product with the form elements can we reflect the humanized design concept embodied in the packaging design works.
Combined with the development trend of cosmetics and its packaging, modern cosmetics packaging presents different characteristics in the selection of packaging materials, structural design and decoration design.
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