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What problems should be paid attention to in handbag design ?
Generally, we have seen many exquisite handbags in the market. The types of handbags are also uneven, miscellaneous, and diverse. Their functions, appearance, and content are also different. As for the problems that should be paid attention to in handbag design, I put forward several views below:
1. The main functions of handbags are: publicity effect and practical function. In terms of publicity effect, handbags are good and cheap. They not only provide convenience for users, but also can easily promote products and brands. Even if it is a very eye-catching corporate logo or corporate name, users will not care. After all, Wumart is cheap; In terms of practical functions, the paper used to choose a handbag should not be too thin, unable to withstand gravity, nor too thick. The handbag of a cost expert is not folding resistant, and it looks flat, stable and straight in terms of paper selection.
2. Handbag font design: the handwriting of handbag font should conform to the structure of font and the coordination of overall style; Changes in structure can be replaced by images, repetition of strokes, block surface purposefulness and other techniques; In terms of font decoration, you can use Fu Li, texture, three-dimensional; In terms of font links, we must not be too stiff, but be flexible. We can use methods such as connection, mutual use, overlap, etc.
3. Problems in text typesetting of handbags: Typesetting according to the basic principles of text; It is necessary to optimize the setting of font, size, color, arrangement order, distance, border and shading of text; Zoom, deform, hatch, decorate and cut the text; Convert traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese, and be sure to pay attention to the setting of text distance paging; When designing words for handbags, we should abide by the principle of no discharge and the writing format of articles.
Finally, after the handbag design is completed, I think designers need to know a little about printing. After you design a handbag, you find that the printed one is not consistent with your imagination, so a little knowledge of printing can effectively avoid this situation.
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