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Diversified understanding of packaging design and the idea of realizing the principle of integrity
As a very important graphic design project, packaging design must have certain characteristics. Packaging design is diversified and adheres to the principle of integrity. Here we will introduce the diversification of packaging design, and briefly introduce the specific ideas of the integrity principle of packaging design.
1、 Diversified understanding
Although diversified packaging makes our life colorful and full of personality. However, packaging design is not a simple stacking of multiple elements, with the purpose of being messy and vague. Because chaos and ambiguity is not postmodernism, it is just a kind of chaotic postmodernism. Postmodern packaging is not anarchism in design, or arbitrary design methods. Postmodern packaging design has the rationalization characteristics of seemingly messy, but essentially internal structural factors and overall consideration. Postmodernism is the inheritance and development of modernity. It does not like the fragmented modernity, but yearns for a new holistic modernity that transcends diversity.
2、 Specific ideas for realizing the principle of integrity
Packaging design uses the integrity of Gestalt psychology as its methodology, but compared with the pursuit of function and simplicity of packaging in the modernist period, it gives packaging design new organizational principles. That is, under the premise of keeping the packaging function first, fully develop the decoration and internal relations of multiple "parts". Designers realize that it is very important to show the sense of integrity and harmony of packaging.
Although the packaging design is diversified, it does not appear to be disorderly. The packaging design adheres to the principle of integrity. Even if the performance is diversified, it still reflects integrity in style. If the same kind of goods are displayed in different styles and without integrity, people will not be impressed. Therefore, the principle of integrity is very important.

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