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How to achieve the marketing effect of cosmetic packaging design
In real life, most women will use some cosmetics series, such as foundation make-up, isolation cream, eye shadow and other products. However, in the process of purchasing, can you find the style of packaging design of each product, and can you be guided by the personalized style of packaging design so as to take the purchase. The key to its use is to stimulate the psychological desire of customers. So, let's talk about the specific uses of cosmetic packaging design.
1.Show the efficacy of cosmetics through packaging design
To show the efficacy and professionalism of cosmetics and enhance the advanced sense of products. The colors and beautiful appearance used in the packaging design will give customers a first impression of the product. You can imagine, if there is a beautifully packaged, luxurious and low-key one in front of you, and the other is a messy color layout design. Under the same function and the same price, which one would you choose? The answer is self-evident. The proper display of high-end packaging design will better enable customers to judge the smell or ingredient efficacy. You can add rose patterns or high-end ones on the packaging. The first reaction to customers can basically judge whether the product has rose aroma or high-end flavor. This is also a simple and obvious functional use in the design of cosmetic boxes.
2. Show the target users of cosmetics through packaging design
Cosmetic packaging design can also divide a sense of age through color system and color matching, and show a user group of the product. This is like, in a brand of cosmetics, there will be different packaging for different groups of audiences. For example, all cosmetics have moisturizing functions, but they may be packaged and adjusted according to the audience. When the audience is mainly middle-aged people, the packaging is relatively simple and there is almost no unnecessary decoration. That is because the middle-aged people will pay more attention to the function, cost performance, or repeat customers of the products and directly decide to buy. When the audience is teenagers, the product packaging may add some virtual character image design or patterns and other embellishments, so that this consumer group can catch the eye when browsing various products, increase the browsing time and improve the purchase probability.
3. Show brand culture through packaging design
Similarly, through cosmetic packaging, a brand's professionalism and positioning can be reflected, allowing consumers to distinguish other cosmetics in terms of packaging characteristics, so as to attract loyal fans.
With the continuous improvement of the public's aesthetic and consumption concepts, people's requirements for cosmetic packaging design are also higher and higher. In addition to the aesthetic requirements on appearance, the convenience in use will also be more and more valued. The cosmetic packaging design must correctly convey the cosmetic characteristics required by consumers for different personalities and express the aesthetic interests of different people, so as to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics.
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