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What are the advantages of the development of flannel bags
There are many kinds of packaging bags in daily life. There are packaging bags, canvas bags, linen bags, velvet bags, and bundle bags. The velvet bags I want to talk about are generally used to hold small items such as neckchains and bracelets, which can also be regarded as a more common kind of cloth bag. As a new type of green environmental protection product, flannelette bag has beautiful appearance and can be reused for many times. Let me tell you the advantages of the development trend of velvet bags.
1.Economic development utility of flannel bags
From the announcement of the plastic ban order, the packaging bag will gradually withdraw from the packaging and sales market of the articles. Instead, it will be replaced by the high-grade velvet bags that can be used continuously. Flannelette bags are easier to pack and print pattern design than packaging bags, and the color expression is more unique. In addition, it can be applied continuously, and it can think about adding more beautiful pattern design and advertising on the flannelette bag than the packaging bag. Because the consumption rate of the flannelette bag is less than that of the packaging bag, the flannelette bag is more frugal and cost saving, and more obvious economic benefits of advertising are generated.
2. Firmness of flannel bag
The traditional packaging bag is thin and easy to be damaged in order to better save costs. However, if we want to make it stronger, we must need more consumption costs. The occurrence of high-grade velvet bags solves all problems. The velvet bags have strong ductility and are not easy to be damaged. There are also many sub film coated non-woven packaging bags, which are not only strong, but also moisture-proof, good touch, and a little bright. Although the cost of individual bags is a little higher than that of packaging bags, it is hardly known that the service life of a velvet bag can be up to 100, or even more than thousands of packaging bags.
3. Advertising effect of flannel bags
A beautiful velvet bag is not only a packaging bag for products. Its beautiful appearance makes people can't stop. It can become a simple backpack of fashion trend and a beautiful scene on the street. Coupled with its solid, moisture-proof and hands-free characteristics, it will eventually become a choice for consumers to go out. If you can print your company's logo on such a high-grade flannel bag or advertise, the advertising effect will be obvious. It really turns small capital investment into large return.
4. Environmental protection and public welfare use value of flannel bags
The granting of the plastic prohibition order is to better deal with the difficult problem of environmental protection. The continuous application of high-grade velvet bags has greatly reduced the working pressure of waste conversion. In addition, the definition of environmental protection can mainly reflect the brand image of your company, the utility of being friendly to the people, and the potential use value generated can not be replaced by money.
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