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What are the characteristics of different material bundle pockets
In our daily life, we often use bundle bags, especially when we go out to play or store things. In short, it is widely used. But do you know that there are other names for bundle bags, such as Drawstring Bags or Drawstring Bags, and the types are different according to the materials. Today, I will introduce the characteristics of bundle bags of different materials.
First of all, let's talk about the relatively common non-woven bundle pocket. It has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, good permeability, low price and good advertising effect. However, due to the characteristics of non-woven fabric, it has short service life. The price of non-woven bundle bags is affected by such factors as specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, rope material, etc. it is commonly used for product packaging such as gift outer packaging and shoe inner packaging.
The pile cloth bundle pocket is easy to wash, but the cost of using pile cloth is relatively high, so it is higher than the bundle pocket of other materials. Its price is determined by the fabric thickness, printing requirements, specifications, etc.
The PVC bundle pocket has the advantages of high transparency, medium price, environmental protection, good advertising effect, etc. at the same time, the PVC bundle pocket is not resistant to friction, and the sassafras flower is less transparent. The price of PVC bundle bags is affected by the production requirements, bag specifications, styles, printing and other factors. Generally, it is the outer packaging of gifts with high use value.
The above are the corresponding characteristics of different material bundle pockets. I hope it can help you!
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