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What are the functions of jewelry packaging
As a kind of high-end consumer goods, jewelry is often presented or collected, so the role of jewelry packaging is more important. The basic requirement for jewelry packaging is to highlight the nobility, elegance and artistry of commodities. So what are the functions of jewelry packaging?
Function of jewelry packaging:
1. Commodity protection: the most basic function of packaging, including jewelry boxes and bags;
2. Promote sales: with rational consumption becoming more and more popular, it is no longer possible to "buy a coin and return a pearl", but exquisite packaging will more easily win the attention and trust of customers;
3. Increase profits: exquisite packaging will raise the price of products and have greater profit margin;
4. Advertising: the printed matter on the package invisibly publicizes the enterprise and products.
How jewelry packaging reflects the above functions:
1. Jewelry packaging design should have characteristics: jewelry boxes should be designed to be both beautiful and diverse, highlighting the brand image, and these jewelry bags and jewelry sold together can highlight the product characteristics;
2. The materials should be carefully selected and the workmanship should be fine: different materials can be selected for different grades of gems to make packaging bags. The style of the bag should match the style of the jewelry bag and the workmanship should be fine;
3. The style of jewelry packaging should be changed: the trend is always changing, and the jewelry packaging can not be unchanged. It should conform to the changes of consumers' demand for trends;
4. Jewelry packaging should be multi-purpose: a beautifully designed package can be used not only for jewelry packaging, but also for window decoration or display, and even for other purposes.
A beautiful jewelry package can give customers a dazzling effect, leave customers an impression of the product, and increase their sales.
Apex packaging uses unlimited creative design to create a series of jewelry packaging, including your own jewelry window props, jewelry props and jewelry bags, to create a unique brand visual image and deeper brand cultural potential value for you.
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