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How to customize canvas bags?
Canvas bag is a storage bag mainly made of burlap. Canvas bag is versatile and can better integrate various design elements to create a variety of styles. The custom canvas bag has a classic body shape, which can meet various fashion hobbies and individual needs with a customized exclusive design. So how can canvas bags be customized?
There are three common customization channels for customized canvas bags: online shop customization and factory customization. Customized canvas bags are more common in online stores, but due to the low degree of specialization, the products have not been strictly tested, so the product quality is unstable. Online shop customization is usually unable to meet the large number of customization needs, which is more suitable for customizing single pieces or canvas bags with a small number.
Advantages of factory customized canvas bags:
1.The design is controllable and the effect is visible
Factory customization cooperates with the pattern design platform, provides a variety of design materials in the website, and can directly experience the effect of printing patterns on canvas bags on the website. For the self-designed pattern materials, t agency will also finalize the effect drawings with each customer to ensure that the customized needs are accurately displayed.
2. High degree of specialization and guaranteed quality
Compared with other customization, factory customization not only has the largest number of printing technology, experienced printing craftsman products and printing equipment with accuracy several times higher than the industry standard in the industry, but also has strict control from raw materials to delivery. After many international tests such as OS and OCIA, the quality of products is free from worry.
3. High quality service, more comfortable customization
The customer service team customized by the factory has received professional training, daily multiple assessments, and patient service. To match each customer with a dedicated consultant that other platforms do not have, the customization process is controlled by the dedicated consultant, and customization is more hassle free.
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