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How should jewelry packaging be designed
Nowadays, jewelry packaging mainly takes the packaging shape and color of products as the main sales means. Jewelry packaging is the external image of jewelry and the first impression left to customers. Therefore, how to design a good jewelry packaging is extremely important.
1、 Jewelry packaging design should be consumer centered
Jewelry packaging designers should fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, ponder the psychology of neck customers, and carry out targeted design on the basis of market research. The style and emotional expression of packaging must conform to the age, level and aesthetic taste of the target group, so as to resonate with it. As jewelry consumption tends to be younger and fashionable, jewelry packaging will develop in a diversified direction.
2、 Jewelry packaging design should be based on products
Combined with the characteristics of the product itself, jewelry packaging determines the packaging form according to the volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors of jewelry, so as to shape the personality and temperament of jewelry brand and fully reflect the attributes of the product.
3、 Jewelry packaging design should be market-oriented
Before the design conception, conduct necessary market research, fully understand the market situation and observe the dynamics of the market. Get more fresh design ideas from the market feedback information and make a reasonable positioning to avoid the disconnection from the market caused by the designer's blind pursuit of personal taste and style.
4、 Jewelry packaging design should have its own characteristics
Jewelry packaging design must meet certain characteristics. For example, an ordinary diamond ring box packaging should make the packaging more distinctive when designing, so that consumers can have a sense of ingenuity when they get the packaging. The packaging itself must have a certain sense of beauty. At the same time, consumers can highlight the characteristics of a certain jewelry when they see the packaging, so that the jewelry packaging can more capture the hearts of the people.
Therefore, jewelry packaging design not only needs to reflect the protection of jewelry, but also needs to consider its beauty, so that customers can enjoy beauty in jewelry and its packaging, so as to promote sales.
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