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Functional concept of jewelry packaging design
Jewelry packaging design can directly reflect product value, brand concept and brand characteristics. It is an effective way for consumers to obtain these important information. Its appearance, appearance, design, performance and sense of use are the direct factors that affect consumers' purchase of the product. People always say that people's first impression is very important. The same applies to jewelry packaging. The packaging of the product is the first side of the consumer's contact with the product.
Consumers will define the value of products by the quality of packaging. For example, damaged and cheap packaging will make customers think that the product is also cheap, and customers will have a distrust of the brand and lose customer groups. Therefore, jewelry packaging is an effective way to realize commodity value and use value. What are the design function concepts of jewelry packaging? Here is a detailed introduction.
1. Promotion concept
Jewelry packaging design can effectively promote jewelry sales. The exquisite and unique packaging can attract the attention of consumers, so as to make them interested and achieve the sales purpose. Jewelry packaging design plays the role of silent advertising in this process.
Consumers are interested in jewelry because of the beautiful packaging. They are attracted by the design and information conveyed on the packaging. They are silent salesmen of products. Therefore, it is very necessary to design exquisite and special packaging for jewelry packaging. It can stimulate consumers' purchasing desire, which is the core of the product packaging promotion concept.
2. Artistic concept
Exquisite jewelry packaging has a strong artistic effect both in appearance and touch. Jewelry itself is a symbol of beauty, they are bright and dazzling, and packaging should also show the beauty and value of products. The artistic effect of jewelry packaging can be realized by printing technology, such as bronzing and UV technology. The use of bronzing technology can increase the noble temperament of the box body, look dazzling and highlight the jewelry value.
3. Production concept
In the process of jewelry packaging design, we should not only consider the beauty of the packaging, but also whether the design can be quickly used for mass production, which takes a short time. Fast speed and uncomplicated steps are also issues that businesses should consider. A good packaging design should not only have a beautiful appearance but also have a strong cost performance ratio in the manufacturing process. Therefore, when designing jewelry packaging, appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the nature of the product, the value of the product and the corresponding consumer groups to ensure that the product is consistent with the packaging, fully save processing time and facilitate commodity circulation.
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