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How to make stationery packaging design more personalized
Stationery products are mainly aimed at students, who pursue personality and creativity the most. Therefore, many personalized stationery will be swept away at the first time, while ordinary stationery may have little interest in three to five years. In addition to its own production process, the packaging of personalized stationery also has a great impact. According to some statistics, a creative stationery packaging design can improve the sales performance by at least 20%. Therefore, many stationery businesses will find good packaging design, hoping to improve sales. So, how can stationery packaging design be more personalized?
In fact, personalized stationery packaging design is emerging in endlessly. Like the packaging design in some countries, both the appearance and the level after opening are very delicate. Through this design method, the designer endows the packaging with humanized character, injects emotion and interest, and gives the product its own soul. Therefore, once such goods are put into the market, they will inevitably attract a large number of consumers to buy.
Personalized stationery packaging design can be achieved through changes in materials, decorations, shapes and colors, guiding consumers to experience and feel, and then have feelings for them, arouse shopping desire, deepen the impression of enterprise products and brands, and form potential publicity.
Personalized stationery packaging design needs the soul of designers. An excellent designer can combine various attributes and characteristics of products, and provide targeted design for them based on group orientation. For example, in the packaging design of pencil stationery, ordinary bulk pencils may only be packed in bags, while high-end pencils will have various small patterns. In addition, various small packages will appear, which can not only meet the needs of students, but also promote sales, and the profits of businesses will increase a lot. Personalized packaging design needs novelty and creativity. These two points are easy to say, but very difficult to do. It is difficult for non competent designers to do so.
Nowadays, stationery packaging design is not only to design a simple package, but also to design a pattern that allows consumers to quickly identify the brand, convey the brand connotation and improve the brand image. With such a pattern, the psychological needs of consumers, the sales needs of businesses and the development needs of market economy are met.
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