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Characteristics and application of bundle pocket
The biggest feature of the bundle pocket is its use method. The bag will be sealed with a gentle pull of the elastic rope on both sides or one side. Therefore, the bundle pocket is also called elastic rope bag; The advantages and uses of different material bundle pockets are also different. Let's introduce the characteristics and applications of several different material bundle pockets.
1. The non anti cloth bundle pocket has the advantages of simple manufacture, good air permeability, low price and good advertising effect. However, due to the characteristics of non anti cloth, its service life is short. The price of non cloth bundle pocket is affected by the specification and model, fabric weight, packaging and printing regulations, rope materials and other factors. It is commonly used in packaging design, such as gift outer packaging box, shoe packaging and other main purposes.
2. Velvet cloth bundle pockets have the characteristics of easy cleaning, good air permeability, long service time, repeated use, and more advertising effect. However, the cost of using velvet cloth is relatively high, so it is higher than that of other materials. The price of velvet cloth bundle pocket is determined by the thickness of fabric, packaging and printing regulations, specifications and models, etc. Velvet cloth bundle pocket is suitable for various gift bundle pockets such as decorations, hand strings, neck chains, diamond rings, jewelry, jade, skin care products, Eau De Toilette, fragrance, dried flowers, candy, electronic devices, speakers, mobile chargers, etc.
3. PVC bundle pockets have the advantages of high definition, medium price, environmental protection, good advertising effect and so on. At the same time, PVC bundle pockets are not anti-wear, and sassafras are reduced to be fully transparent. The price of PVC bundle bags is subject to regulations, and the specifications, models, styles, packaging and printing of packaging bags are harmful. Generally, the outer packaging box of high-end gifts is used.
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