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Brief analysis on Printing value of cosmetic packaging
The value of cosmetic packaging and printing today:
Packaging and printing products are all kinds of packaging materials. Here, I mainly analyze the value of cosmetic packaging. Packaging and printing is a kind of printing aimed at meeting the packaging requirements of cosmetics with different characteristics. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's spiritual and cultural level, the women's popularity of cosmetics, and the purpose of promoting cosmetics packaging and printing is no longer to protect commodities and introduce the functionality of commodities, but also to improve the grade of commodities through special printing effects, so as to enhance the added value of products.
The definition of traditional cosmetics packaging and printing is:
On the original basis, the printing plate is made by direct or indirect methods, and then the printing plate is coated with adhesive coloring materials. Under the action of mechanical pressure, the color materials with certain adhesion on the printing plate are transferred to the surface of the substrate. So as to obtain the technology of copying into batch printed matter. According to the definition of traditional printing, there must be five elements such as manuscript, printing plate, ink and substrate printing machinery before printing. However, with the continuous development of modern printing technology, the meaning of printing is also changing. Some new printing methods do not necessarily need the pressure of printing machinery (such as electrostatic printing, inkjet printing, etc.). Modern printing in a broad sense usually refers to the general term of pre press processing, printing and post press processing.
Packaging printing refers to printing various graphic information on packaging materials and containers. In modern packaging engineering, printing various graphic information on packaging materials and containers is an important link in packaging production. Packaging printing plays an important role in packaging engineering. The cosmetics industry will develop sustainably, so it is very important for the future industry competition to do a good job in cosmetics packaging and printing!
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