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A brief analysis of the concept of packaging design
Today's era is an era of appearance competition. The good or bad packaging of a product has a very important impact on the sales of the product. A good packaging design can make the product in a good position in the industry and play a great role in the future development trend of the enterprise. A packaging design symbolizes the cultural heritage and strength of a product.
An excellent packaging design is the organic unity of packaging modeling design, structural design and decoration design. Only in this way can we give full play to the role of packaging design. Moreover, packaging design involves not only the two academic fields of technology and art, but also many other related disciplines in their respective fields. Therefore, it needs a lot of hard work to get a good packaging design.
Packaging design is a form of comprehensive, complete and reasonable special design for packaging materials, packaging modeling, packaging structure and visual information transmission according to the purpose and requirements of products for packaging, and a certain text design, pattern design, color design, layout design, etc. on the packaging of products according to the characteristics of products, so as to protect products, beautify products, publicize products and promote product sales.
Packaging not only has the basic function of protecting products, but also plays a role in actively promoting product sales and publicizing corporate culture.
Packaging design should have novel, unique and personalized appearance modeling, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and use different materials reasonably and skillfully to make the packaging of products produce eye-catching effects on the shelves of shopping malls.
Successful packaging design should not only use elements such as shape, font, color, pattern and material to make consumers pay attention to and interested in goods, but also correctly convey the product information through these design elements and forms of expression, so that consumers can quickly and accurately understand the product information.
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