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A brief analysis of why stationery packaging design needs personalization

The main users of stationery are students, who pursue personality and creativity the most. Therefore, many personalized stationery will be swept away at the first time, while ordinary stationery may have little interest in three or five year...

Consumer psychological factors of high-end gift packaging design

Gift packaging has now become a packaging method for people to give gifts to each other. If a gift can be matched with a very beautiful gift packaging, it will greatly improve the value of the gift. In particular, some products packaged with...

Brief analysis on the difference between environmental protection packaging desi

In the eyes of ordinary people, the difference of product packaging design is nothing more than good-looking and bad-looking, but in the actual packaging application, there are many differences in packaging, especially in environmental prote...

Brief analysis requirements of electronic product packaging design

Electronic product packaging design is a very important element for brand identification. A creative electronic product packaging can promote consumers' trust in the brand and enhance the value of the product. So what should we pay attention...

Characteristics of excellent packaging design

Excellent packaging design is to make careful creation in full combination with product characteristics and consumer psychology of different needs, so that consumers can understand and trust products in an all-round way in the shortest time,...
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