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On the design of jewelry packaging
The appearance of jewelry packaging is not only the concept of a brand and its impact on consumers, but also a means to realize commodity value and use value. The materials and appearance of jewelry packaging are complementary and interdependent. The choice of packaging materials will have varying degrees of impact on the appearance design and the image of goods. We have mentioned the materials of jewelry packaging. Today I will talk about common appearance design.
1、 Square packaging design
As the most common design, square packaging has compact structure, less materials and large internal space. At the same time, because it is under vertical force, it is also relatively stable and plays a better role in protecting goods. At the same time, because the square design is surrounded by bread, the thick design has a sense of care and firmness; Thin gives people a sense of lightness and presents customers with a sense of straightness, solemnity and nobility.
2、 Circular packaging design
The circular packaging design has good deformation resistance, which can obtain the maximum effective area and save packaging materials. The appearance design can be changeable, and the multi-directional viewing will not be affected. The circular design implies a natural and mellow sense of harmony, which brings customers a beautiful visual feeling and is convenient for customers to carry.
The appearance design of jewelry packaging is the design of the combination of product shape, pattern and color. It is also a part of the commodity itself. Consumers can attract their attention through the appearance, shape, pattern and color of jewelry packaging, and then cause consumers' desire to buy products. As a means of publicity, jewelry packaging is becoming more and more important. The dwell time of customers often determines your sales.
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