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Brief analysis on the characteristics and application of several different mater
The biggest feature of the bundle pocket is its sealing method. With a gentle pull of the drawcord on both sides or one side, the pocket opening will be sealed. Therefore, a bundle pocket is also called a drawstring bag or a drawstring bag. Although the names are diverse, its applications are the same. Let's mainly introduce the characteristics and applications of several different material bundle pockets.

1、The non-woven bundle pocket has the advantages of simple manufacture, good air permeability, low price and good advertising effect. However, due to the characteristics of non-woven fabric, it has the characteristics of short service life. The price of non-woven bundle pocket is affected by the specification, weight of cloth, printing requirements, rope material and other factors. It is often used for product packaging, such as gift packaging, shoe cover packaging and so on.

2、Flannelette bundle pockets have the characteristics of easy washing, good air permeability, long service time, reusable and more advertising effect, but the cost of using flannelette is relatively high, so they are higher than bundle pockets of other materials. The price of pile cloth bundle pocket is determined by cloth thickness, printing requirements, specifications, etc. Flannelette pocket is suitable for various gifts such as accessories, bracelets, necklaces, rings, jewelry, jade articles, cosmetics, fragrances, aromatherapy, dried flowers, candy, electronics, sound, mobile power, and so on.

3、PVC bundle pockets have the advantages of high transparency, medium price, environmental protection and good advertising effect. At the same time, PVC bundle pockets are not resistant to friction and sassafras reduce transparency. The price of PVC bundle pocket is affected by the production requirements, bag specification, style, printing and other factors. Generally, high-end gift packaging is used.

4、Linen bundle pockets have the characteristics of longer storage time and more reusable times, but the price of linen is more expensive than the above three materials, so the manufacturing cost is high. Because the texture of linen is generally hard, it is not convenient to wash without cotton cloth. The price of linen bundle pocket is also affected by specifications, cloth thickness, printing, etc. it is generally used for high-end wine packaging.
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