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Three characteristics of gift packaging design

As a commodity with special purposes, gifts are different from the packaging of general commodities in packaging design. General commodities are only consumed by buyers themselves, and often pay attention to economic benefits. Gifts are used...

How to leave clothing packing blank

Now the clothing packaging bags on the market have a big white characteristics. No matter unknown small brands or well-known big brands are inevitable in the clothing packaging above white space, but this practice is really so good? Will the...

Influence of color matching on gift packaging

In daily life, whether it is festival gift giving or the communication between relatives and friends, giving gifts to each other has become an essential link. And now the gift packaging is more and more exquisite and beautiful, so there are ...

How jewelry packaging design features with brand

How to jewelry packaging design with its own brand characteristics, in the detail design needs to pay attention to? To understand the two problems must first understand the role of packaging....

Good packaging design needs to have what function

Today's society, the daily necessities or luxury goods, without a good packaging design is always difficult to have a good sales. So for a product, what kind of packaging design is good, it should have what function?...
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