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Brief analysis of handbag production technology

In daily life, handbag as a commodity in clothing, shoes and hats, food, gifts and drugs in the field of use is very extensive. The handbag in use can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the ordinary packaging paper bag, the other...

Brief analysis of the design characteristics of stationery packaging

Exquisite stationery packaging can not only serve as a fashion symbol, but also as a cultural phenomenon leading consumption. Therefore, a good stationery packaging design should not only be in line with the consumption trend of the era, but...

The significance of multifunctional stationery packaging design

The multi-functional stationery packaging design is mainly reformed from the practicability, interest and functionality of packaging, breaking through the basic functions of traditional packaging protection and storage, so as to attract cons...

What should canvas bag customization pay attention to?

Bespoke canvas bags are a very important issue for many people. Especially now many enterprises are more inclined to choose canvas bag customization when gift packaging. Casual, light and inexpensive, this is the main reason why canvas bags ...

Canvas bag customization has what form

Canvas bag is a kind of casual, casual, joker and inexpensive products, in addition to the infinite possibility in one outfit, the biggest characteristic is practical, super capacity to hold books, cosmetic bag, tablet, etc., containing canv...
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