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What factors should be considered when customizing gift bags

Gift packaging bag is an indispensable carrier of gift packaging. A beautiful gift packaging design can better satisfy the purchase desire of secondary consumers and achieve twice the result with half the effort in promoting product sales. S...

Advantages of interaction between garment packaging design and brand

The core of clothing packaging design lies in the strategic positioning, promotion and marketing of the brand, because only a strong brand can bring lasting competitive advantage. As one of the realization forms of various clothing brands, t...

The function of integrating calligraphy elements into packaging design

With the continuous development of modern packaging design, calligraphy, one of the traditional cultural symbols in China, has gradually integrated into packaging design, and has attracted more and more attention from designers. As a kind of...

How to highlight brand in jewelry packaging design

The main function of jewelry packaging is to protect and carry. In addition, jewelry packaging also plays an important role, that is to highlight the characteristics of the brand. Jewelry packaging has gradually developed the focus of brand ...

Brief analysis of the importance of packaging design for products

For a product, the most important thing is quality, but besides the quality of the product, the packaging of the product is also very important. Good packaging design for products like icing on the cake, it can not only attract consumers' at...
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