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How jewelry packaging design features with brand
How to jewelry packaging design with its own brand characteristics, in the detail design needs to pay attention to? To understand the two problems must first understand the role of packaging.
The role of packaging
1, protect goods: the most basic is also the most important function of packaging, such as jewelry box, bag, etc.
2, promote sales, as customers become more rational, elegant packaging are more likely to win the attention of the customer and trust.
3, increase profits, elegant packaging virtually can raise the value of products, improve profit margins.
4, advertising: print on the packaging virtually do to brand and product promotion.
In our life, jewelry as a high-end luxury goods, is often a gift or collection, so the effect of jewelry packaging is more important. This jewelry packaging need to be able to foil a commodity is the basic purpose of nobility, elegance and artistry, in addition also need to pay attention to the following:
1, the packing should be distinctive: some companies do not provide craftsmanship, the modelling of jewelry packaging design into on behalf of the company, beautiful diversiform, and highlights the company's image, and the jewelry packaging with jewelry sales more foil characteristics of the product
2, packaging material to be fastidious, do manual work is careful, as the jewelry packaging material to be soft, durable, strong, according to design suitable packaging materials.
3, packaging design must have the change, people's consumption concept changing, jewelry packaging also cannot stand still, in accordance with changes in consumer demand.
4, packaging design is best can one content is multi-purpose.
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