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How to leave clothing packing blank
Now the clothing packaging bags on the market have a big white characteristics. No matter unknown small brands or well-known big brands are inevitable in the clothing packaging above white space, but this practice is really so good? Will the vast number of consumers like this large area of white clothing handbag?
Now there are indeed many big brands in the society of clothing packaging bag is used in this way, this way also gradually changed the public for clothing packaging bag aesthetic concept, white is a kind of style, is the embodiment of high forced case. It is widely believed that as long as it is a garment packaging bag, big Logo, big white space, is the embodiment of high-end packaging. However, not all products are suitable for such a design way, white space can have, there are a number of products the takes too much, lead to product packaging is empty, not has a deep connotation, use Logo is enough to pass all the big brands, and small brands only depend on the Logo is not enough, so be sure to learn to use on their packaging.
Packaging is the facade of every product, but some people know how to decorate their facade, and some people never know how to use their facade to attract customers for themselves. Pay more attention to quntai packaging, we will lead you to create the best "facade".
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