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How to distinguish the fabric of non-woven gift bags

How to distinguish the fabric of non-woven gift bags? First of all, we should understand that the raw material of non-woven gift bags is non-woven, also known as nonwoven. In today's non-woven market, there are many kinds of non-woven fabric...

What should we pay attention to when customizing canvas bags

In our life, although canvas bag is not very eye-catching, it plays a great role. Canvas bag is now a kind of shopping bag commonly used by people. It will appear in people's life whenever people go shopping. Now most canvas bags are mass-pr...

Four advantages of customized non-woven environmental protection bags

The non-woven environmental protection bag with new environmental protection materials is widely used at present, and it is also a kind of environmental protection products. What are the benefits and advantages of non-woven environmental pro...

Brief analysis bronzing process of jewelry packaging

In the production process of jewelry packaging box, bronzing process is widely used. Bronzing process is more in line with the high-end luxury needs of jewelry packaging. So what is the bronzing process?...

Gift packaging design points

When festivals come, always some kind of gifts between friends and relatives to congratulate each other. Everyone wants to send gifts to more outstanding, if you want to do this, have to in the actual work up and down of gift packaging. Gift...
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