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What should we pay attention to when customizing canvas bags
In our life, although canvas bag is not very eye-catching, it plays a great role. Canvas bag is now a kind of shopping bag commonly used by people. It will appear in people's life whenever people go shopping. Now most canvas bags are mass-produced, which is difficult to be accepted by people. In order to make people's life more fashionable and fashionable, creative custom canvas bags appear. At present, customized canvas bags are very popular. People like this trendy canvas bag production mode very much. Next, Xiaobian will introduce some basic information of canvas bag customization in detail. Personalized customized canvas bag is the secondary design and development based on canvas bag, and there are many styles and materials of canvas bag. This requires people to choose the style and material of canvas bags when customizing canvas bags privately.
Step 1: material selection
Canvas materials are generally divided into two types, one is polyester canvas and the other is cotton canvas. They feel different. In terms of quality, both have general and good, and then the thickness of one material is different. Generally, the color will be semi bleached, natural color or common red and black. After determining the number of ounces of cloth and color, the range of cloth selection will be reduced a lot. Canvas with the same ounce has twill, plain and other lines, and the stiffness and vertical and horizontal tension of the cloth are almost the same.
Step 2: cloth cutting
After the cloth is selected and prepared, the next job is to cut the large roll of cloth into small pieces. Some canvas bags have a bottom and side, which is equivalent to a Pentagon, and some have a two-piece structure without a bottom and side. According to the size of the specification, use the automatic cutting machine and slitter to cut into small pieces of cloth according to our requirements.
Step 3: personalized canvas bag design
Personalized design refers to the pattern and text after the original design. It is a graphic design containing people's emotion and memory. In the process of customizing canvas bags, personalized logo design is a very important step, which should be cautious.
Step 4: printing process
In order to meet the advertising function, many businesses or companies will print their own logo pattern on the bag. The printing area and printing color will affect the unit price. There are many kinds of printing processes. Specifically, the appropriate printing process will be selected according to the color, area and estimated cost of the printing pattern.
Simple patterns are generally screen printed. Screen printing has low cost and wide application. It has developed well in China and various technologies are relatively mature. If it is a complex printing, it needs to use heat transfer printing. When printing, pay attention to the clarity and fullness of words and patterns. Let the canvas bag clearly highlight the theme and play the role of advertising.
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