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Brief analysis bronzing process of jewelry packaging
In the production process of jewelry packaging box, bronzing process is widely used. Bronzing process is more in line with the high-end luxury needs of jewelry packaging. So what is the bronzing process?
Bronzing process uses the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in electrochemical aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect. In the printing industry, it is commonly used to hot stamp electrochemical aluminum foil on paper, which is called bronzing. High end jewelry packaging generally selects different bronzing schemes and colors according to customers' needs and product attributes.
The glittering logo pattern on the jewelry packaging box can not only improve the grade of jewelry packaging, but also greatly increase consumers' desire to buy.
Generally, the bronzing process is divided into two types: hot printing before printing and hot printing after printing. When selecting the bronzing process for jewelry packaging, it should be selected according to the characteristics of printing paper to avoid defects in the packaging products presented to customers due to the problems of bronzing process.
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