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Gift packaging design points
When festivals come, always some kind of gifts between friends and relatives to congratulate each other. Everyone wants to send gifts to more outstanding, if you want to do this, have to in the actual work up and down of gift packaging. Gift packaging and design key points of what? Group of Thai today will bring you gift box packaging design key points of related content.
Points 1, according to the timing and market demand of the market positioning
Different in my culture festival occasion but are also different to the requirement of gifts, gift because of different production requirements of natural gift box is different. Therefore, before the gift box design, we will measure all aspects of the demand on the market for scientific and reasonable market positioning. Clear market positioning is very effective for the increase in market share, the factory can according to the demand of the market and the advantage of the enterprise itself to the clear market positioning, and improving pertinence and gift boxes production of professional level, so as to maximize meet the demand of the market, occupy the market in a short period of time.
Point 2, gift packing box of color selection
On the ribbon color selection, the general is given priority to with gold, silver, but also should match the color of the wrapping paper, gift boxes ribbons are best as far as possible on the color of the wrapping paper, can also choose fastens with color. Such as wrapping paper is purple, purple and blue ribbon available.
Point 3, shorten production cycle box
The production of a new gift box, including market research, design, production preparation and formally put into production and a series of production process. Due to standardization of gift box packaging, gift box packaging products have a variety of criteria to follow, simplify the production process, save the raw materials and reduce the labor cost at the same time.
Point four, gift packing box for brand publicity
Brand image is the consumer to form the critical conditions of brand trust, can impress consumers of gift box must be in one area can convey and consumers consistent value recognition, therefore, gift packaging must not be overlooked when gift box design conveys the brand image.
Above is a group of Apex packaging designed for bring about the gift box of four points, hope to be of help.
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