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The significance of multifunctional stationery packaging design
The multi-functional stationery packaging design is mainly reformed from the practicability, interest and functionality of packaging, breaking through the basic functions of traditional packaging protection and storage, so as to attract consumers to buy and use.
The multifunctional design of stationery packaging is to improve or innovate the traditional packaging from the form of packaging. Through improvement and innovation, prolong the service life and cycle of packaging, reduce environmental pollution and waste of production resources, make the design sustainable, and inject new power into green design. Of course, the multi-functional stationery packaging forms extended here not only include the structural innovation of packaging, but also include graphic innovation, technological innovation and other art forms, which strengthen the function of stationery packaging. The traditional stationery packaging not only meets the basic functions of protection, convenience, storage and transportation, but also meets the needs of consumers, enterprises and environmental protection. This design is an extension of the future stationery packaging development is also more meaningful.
Modern society is to advocate the sustainable development of society, all stationery packing is before the products consumed through recycling, after reasonable multi-functional stationery packing design, stationery packing USES value maximization, the use of biodegradable, easy recycling of materials, and the original packaging deconstruction of reuse and the second design, can reduce pollution to the environment, waste of resources, So that people in the subtle attention to the relationship between human and nature, so that our life more harmonious and beautiful, for the global ecological resources and packaging field of the development of meager strength.
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