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Brief analysis of the design characteristics of stationery packaging
Exquisite stationery packaging can not only serve as a fashion symbol, but also as a cultural phenomenon leading consumption. Therefore, a good stationery packaging design should not only be in line with the consumption trend of the era, but also be able to coexist with the society harmoniously. So what are the characteristics of stationery packaging design?
First, to have their own style and culture
Every enterprise has its own brand and LOGO, which is not only the embodiment of corporate culture and connotation, but also the efforts and energy of all employees. Therefore, we must have our own enterprise style in stationery packaging design and conform to the culture and spirit of our company in the design line.
Second, to conform to the current social trend
With the continuous development of The Times, only by keeping up with the pace of The Times and creating a design that conforms to the trend of The Times can mainstream marketing be created. And in line with the social trend of packaging design can attract the attention of consumers, so as to further promote consumption.
Third, pay attention to humanistic care and environmental awareness
The so-called artificial care of stationery packaging design is to enable students to realize the values brought by stationery packaging, and give correct guidance and encouragement. In addition, environmental protection is a behavior that everyone in our country is doing. Such packaging design should reflect this general consciousness.
Since most of the mainstream consumers of stationery are students, the packaging design of stationery must be able to arouse the resonance of students, and it is necessary to inject positive and healthy colors and lines into the packaging design to achieve the purpose of promoting the healthy growth of students.
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