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Brief analysis of handbag production technology
In daily life, handbag as a commodity in clothing, shoes and hats, food, gifts and drugs in the field of use is very extensive. The handbag in use can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the ordinary packaging paper bag, the other is the appearance of a more elegant shopping bag.
Ordinary paper handbags are generally automatically produced by the production line, with high production efficiency and suitable for mass production, but the specifications and patterns of this handbag are inflexible.
While shopping handbag is more exquisite in design, they are mostly used in the packaging of exquisite goods, gift bags or advertising bags of various commercial activities. Generally, this kind of paper bags are printed on sheet paper, mainly processed with kraft coated paper or card paper as raw materials, and produced manually or semi-automatically. Although the process is complicated and the production efficiency is low, hand-held paper bags of any shape and specification can be produced.
The design and production of hand-held paper bags is the key link of the whole paper bag production process. The design of paper bags is the extension of the advertising strategy of enterprises and commodities. Therefore, the choice of materials and the expression of technology are closely related to the use and efficacy of handbags. Kraft paper has good toughness and high strength, but the surface of the material is rough. Card stiffness is good but toughness is insufficient, and in use generally need to carry out surface coating; Coated paper printing is rich in color and moderate toughness, but stiffness is worse than paper. In the design and production of handbag, you can choose different materials according to the purpose.
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