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The type of packaging and classification method
According to the different textures of packaging containers, packaging can be divided into rigid packaging, semi-rigid packaging and flexible packaging.

1. Rigid packaging (also called rigid packaging) means that after filling or taking out the contents of the package, the shape of the container basically does not change, and the material is hard or the texture is firm.
2. Semi-rigid packaging (also known as semi-rigid packaging) is a packaging between rigid packaging and flexible packaging.
3. Flexible packaging (also known as flexible packaging) refers to packaging with a softer material and changes in the shape of the container after the filling or contents in the package are taken out. 
According to the scope of packaging, packaging can be divided into special packaging and general packaging

1. Special packaging refers to one or a series of packaging exclusively for a certain or a certain type of goods.
2. Universal packaging refers to a packaging container that can hold a variety of commodities and is widely used.  
According to the number of times the packaging is used, packaging can be divided into single-use packaging, multiple-use packaging and turnover packaging
1. Single-use packaging refers to packaging that can only be used once and not recycled.
3. Turnover packaging refers to the packaging container used by factories and stores for multiple times of fixed turnover.

Other packaging methods

1. According to different modes of transportation, packaging can be divided into railway transportation packaging, truck cargo packaging, ship cargo packaging, air cargo packaging, less-than-carload packaging, and collective packaging.
2. According to different packaging protection purposes, packaging can be divided into moisture-proof packaging, rust-proof packaging, mildew-proof packaging, shock-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, shading packaging, heat-proof packaging, vacuum packaging, dangerous goods packaging, etc.
3. According to the packaging operation method, packaging can be divided into canned packaging, strapping packaging, wrapping packaging, shrink packaging, compression packaging and winding packaging.
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