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Research on emotions in anatomy of gift packaging design
The research on the emotion of gift packaging not only belong to the category of theoretical research, but also to the actual application layer the experience design, aim to break through the shackles of traditional packaging, build a more pleasant user experience for consumers; It is an important medium, emotional interaction between people is a good platform for people and things happen interaction.
For gift packing research not only stay in the past the traditional form of exploration, is set packaging, packaging the connotation in the integration of system research. Through the existing gift packaging research discussed, found that the visual image of a single boring, gift gift packaging exists in the message is not clear, culture into the brand personality is, and there is no display and neglected drawbacks such as the user demand, the comprehensive analysis of existing gift packaging ignored to consumers as the center and the expression of "packaging". In short, the designer should be consumer emotional factors as the core research objects, in the design of packaging should be focused on the matching of packing form and connotation.
Good gift packaging design to consumers as the center, to establish the user consumption mechanism of high emotional, interactive packaging, to have the courage to break the traditional packaging concept is bound to create better products for the consumer experience, enhance consumer brand awareness, brand's exclusive personality, breakthrough products complanation competition, finally realizes the dimension of brand differentiation, competition to create three-dimensional model.
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