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How to bring brand characteristics to jewelry packaging design
How to design jewelry packaging with its own brand characteristics, and what should be paid attention to in-depth design? To understand these two problems, we must first understand the role of packaging. General packaging design mainly has the following four functions:
1. Commodity protection: the most basic and important function of packaging, such as jewelry box, bag, etc.
2. Promote sales: as customers become more and more rational, exquisite packaging will be easier to win customers' attention and trust.
3. Increase profits: exquisite packaging can virtually increase the value of products and increase profit margins.
4. Advertising: the printed matter on the package virtually publicizes the brand and products.
As a high-end product, jewelry is often given or collected, so the role of jewelry packaging is more important. The basic purpose of jewelry packaging is to highlight the nobility, elegance and artistry of commodities. In addition, the following points should be paid attention to:
1. The packaging should be featured; For example, some companies have unique ingenuity in designing jewelry boxes as mascots to represent the company, which is not only beautiful and diverse, but also highlights the image of the company. Selling these jewelry boxes together with jewelry highlights the product characteristics
2. The packing materials should be carefully selected and the workmanship should be fine; As a jewelry packaging box, it should be soft, durable and firm, and appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the design. Gemstones of different grades should be made of different materials. The style of the box should match the style of the jewelry bag, and the workmanship should be fine
3. The style of packaging should change, people's consumption concept is changing, and the packaging should not remain unchanged. It should meet the changes of consumer demand.
4. It's better to pack one thing for multiple purposes.
Excellent jewelry packaging design can effectively attract the attention of consumers. By guiding consumers to associate the subtlety of jewelry, consumers will have a desire to buy. At the same time, it can play a role in brand publicity and deepen the brand impression.
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