Jewelry packaging


Jewelry, with its precious, elegance, rare, the characteristics of the rich cultural background and the appearance of the shine was deeply loved by people. Many people wear jewelry is not only for decoration, more important, because all kinds of jewellery has its unique symbolic significance, it is a carrier for people to express their artistic conception, express emotion.
Jewelry because of its precious, often with luxuriant and practical packaging. Jewelry packaging with flannelette pockets of the class is given priority to, often because of its characteristics of soft cloth, jewelry and more widely used in portable precision instruments (such as camera) industry. It soft fabric, in a bunch of items in the pocket can have very good protection effect, but also can foil a high-end items more temperament. Jewelry bag made of cloth art appearance beautiful, soft, and the economic environmental protection, can very good care of your jewelry.
But with the development of the era and the thinking of innovation, jewelry bags also blended in a lot of design innovation. Drill buckle pearl decorate beam pocket, bright gold cutting envelope bags, zipper bag, delicate double opening and closing chalaza packet is currently APEX usually do for most customers of jewelry packaging.
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