Eco-friendly and GRS fabric packing

Environmental protection is the APEX of over the years has always attached great importance to packaging theme and always practice the target of environmental protection, hope to create the most meaningful for each product packaging, reduce the destruction of the ecological, reusing waste, etc., let each of us can understand and pay attention to the issue of environmental protection, to protect our earth and home, GO GREEN is what we have been doing, also hope that APEX can infect to more ordinary people and businesses, make contributions to protect the earth together!
APEX has been in use for many of the environmental protection material do packaging for brand products, such as GOTS organic cotton, RPET, BCI cotton, PAPTIC, 100% bamboo fiber non-woven, 100% viscose non-woven fabrics, etc., are widely used in major brands and luxury brand gifts, promotional products, consumer electronics, clothing shoes and hats in the industry, and other products.
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