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How to do a good job in gift box packaging design
China is a country that pays attention to reciprocity. In the process of communication with people, gifts are often given. The choice of gifts is very important. Appropriate gifts can bring people closer. Gift box packaging design is often the face of the giver, and the level of grade is often judged from the packaging.
In the style of gift box packaging design, it emphasizes a natural, friendly, simple, healthy and environmental protection aesthetic consciousness. As a gift box packaging design, it is not only limited to circulation and display in the market and shelves, but also can intervene in people's social relations and life details. Gifts have emotional communication and hand circulation characteristics, which are different from the "one-time" of general packaging The use features need to have a thought-provoking connotation and refreshing charm, which makes the humanized design become the focus.
Among the elements of gift box packaging design, color can be said to be the most important element. People know that color is a visual objective phenomenon. As a physical phenomenon, it does not have emotional, associative and symbolic significance. Once color acts on people's visual organs, the visual physiological stimulation and effect it causes will trigger people's subtle emotional response.
People's perceptual response to color contains a certain subjectivity. People's visual perception and psychological response to color will form a specific color emotion, trigger a variety of color associations, and then symbolize this emotion.
When the associative content of color emotion sublimates from concrete things to abstract emotions and artistic conception, when it becomes a symbol of universal significance, it will habitually help people convey emotions.
For example, packaging food with bright colors, orange yellow, orange red and other colors can bring people a sweet feeling; Green tea, etc. It is the color of these packaging that conforms to the physiological and psychological characteristics of consumers that speeds up the sales of goods.
Gift box packaging design is generally used for festivals, celebrations, weddings, longevity, family visits, condolences and other occasions. Its packaging design should highlight the pertinence and reflect the particularity and purpose of various gifts.
Such as the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake gift box packaging design, in addition to selecting high-grade materials for packaging, we should also pay attention to its pertinence. The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival for Chinese people, so even if the methods used are modern and westernized, the language conveyed by the packaging must have the characteristics of Chinese culture, and these characteristics are fully reflected in the modeling, pattern, font and color of the packaging.
For example, many patterns have the feeling of a full moon, and most of the colors are red or gold, which are loved by people in the festival. For another example, Christmas is coming, and some images related to Christmas appear in many gift packages, such as Santa Claus, little snowman, Christmas tree, etc., so as to set off the festive atmosphere.
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